Providing quality after-school programs

NIA’s comprehensive after-school programs provide participants with new skills and enrichments that help them grow into well-rounded and confident adults. We offer a safe, encouraging, and stimulating environment where youth can receive academic support, explore new things, and cultivate character and a positive self image.

NIA employs a holistic approach to help each youth develop his or her capabilities by designing activities that integrate positive youth development principles and skill development that broaden student abilities and support their emotional, social, academic, creative, and physical development. Youth provide input and actively participate in the planning, design, and implementation of our programs, an experience that both enhances their skills and contributes to building programs that are effective and relevant to their needs and aspirations.


Our programs provide activities such as:


Annette Scaduto, Director of Program Operations

"NIA values our solid partnerships with the schools we serve. We believe in open communication and consider our schools as partners in the program planning process.  We aim to provide each with specific support services that align with their school’s focus or that they may not be otherwise able to offer to their students."