ExpandED and After-School Leadership Teams

Stephanie Romo
  • PS 10R
    Tiffany Cruz, Director

    Darryl Robinson, Director
    Michelle DeLorenzo, Middle Scchool Assistant
    Javale Jean-Pierre, Elementary School Assistant
    Email: nia.30k@niabklyn.org

    PS 95K
    Shanelle Jenkins, Director
    Denia Pimentel, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps95k@niabklyn.org

    PS/IS 104K (Fort Hamilton)
    Bianca Naco, Director
    Rasheed Harris, Middle Scchool Assistant
    Jennifer Colón, Elementary School Assistant
    Email: nia.104k@niabklyn.org

    PS/IS 121
    Vanessa Sosa, Director
    Melanie Lopez, Middle School Assistant
    Stephanie Romo, Elementary School Assistant
    Email: nia.121k@niabklyn.org

    PS 186K ExpandED
    Vivian Barreto, Director
    Email: nia.ps186k@niabklyn.org

    PS/IS 192K
    Monique Wynn, Director
    Jamon Maple, Assistant Director

    PS 204K
    Kim O'Connell, Program Coordinator

    PS 229K
    Linda Panza, Director
    Andrea Abrams, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps229k@niabklyn.org

    PS 247K ExpandED Collaborative
    Kathy D’Antuono, Director
    Karissa Thomas, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps247k@niabklyn.org

    PS 264K
    Jonathan Lugo, Director
    Rhonda Guariniello, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps264k@niabklyn.org

    PS 330Q
    Priscila Moreira, Director
    Jennifer Vasquez, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps330q@niabklyn.org

  • IS 187K
    John Hederman, Director

    IS 227K
    Tony Tartaglia, Director
    Clara Perez, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.227k@niabklyn.org

    IS 229K
    Iris Chan, Director
    Alexandra Richman, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.is229k@niabklyn.org

    IS 239K Mark Twain
    Thomas Fortunato, Director

  • IS 281K
    Kevin Richtback, Director
    Email: nia.281k@niabklyn.org

  • IS 303K
    Michaela Stone, Director

    PS 52R
    Christine Agnello, Director
    Anthony Caputo, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.ps52r@niabklyn.org

    IS 98K Bay Academy
    Ian Pruneda, Director

    Citizens of the World Charter School, Crown Heights
    Jibrail Nor, Director

    Citizens of the World Charter School, Crown Heights
    Ingrid Marte, Director

    IS 468, Kingsborough Early College Secondary School
    Tiffany Bruce, Director
    Email: nia.468k@niabklyn.org

    New Bridges Elementary
    Yemisi Nassirou, Program Coordinator

    IS 443, New Voices School of Academic & Creative Arts
    Jasmine Jones, Assistant Director
    Email: nia.443k@niabklyn.org

    Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice
    LaToya Ifill, Director
    Renet James-Garcia, Assistant Director