NIA Services Overview

The NIA has compiled an impressive record of achievement in all aspects of its involvement in the communities it serves. The entire NIA organization, Board of Directors, Executive Director and staff, are strongly committed to providing the highest quality of services that the community, especially its youth and families, need to grow and flourish.


The NIA has continually employed the involvement of all sectors of the community in the development of service plans, as evidenced by community linkages and success in creating/enhancing services based on demonstrated needs. Through community meetings, networking activities, extensive community involvement, and the delivery of a variety of vital services, the NIA solicits feedback from all these entities, including the parents, youth, and residents we serve through various programs/services. All our services are designed to strengthen the family and promote the personal growth of children, adolescents, adults and seniors.


With input from community leaders, organizations, educational representatives, elected officials, and local government offices, the NIA develops future planning and policy development to address community needs. The NIA continually encourages community members to support the goals of the organization by participating in our activities to the extent that their skills, abilities and talents permit in helping us meet the needs of the community. This dynamic, comprehensive approach provides the NIA with invaluable insight, ideas and suggestions to establish sound policies as a foundation on which to plan successful programs.

Youth & Family Counseling

The NIA Counseling Service makes the well-being of youth, adults and families a priority and sustains that commitment by allocating and providing necessary resources to support and strengthen families and by helping to address issues of every type and magnitude. Through our many years of providing individual and family counseling, we have determined that the service delivery methods to be implemented for both short-term and on-going efforts are best tailored to meet the needs of our participants.


Certified counselors stress the importance of setting goals, practicing good listening and communication skills essential for improving interpersonal relationships at home, school and in the community. Additionally, they provide the insights and development tools necessary for youth, adults and families to identify strengths, develop their attributes, set positive goals, improve their self-concept and self-value, and learn appropriate methods to cope with and/or solve problems. These methodologies have proved successful in empowering NIA participants in gaining control of their lives, thereby enabling them to become more effective community and family members.


Referrals are made, as appropriate to other agencies, clinics, support groups, youth programs, etc.  These referrals may enhance NIA services, or may be recommended instead of NIA services, if the number of participants exceeds counselor availability, or if a case is inappropriate for the NIA.

Support for Seniors

NIA provides senior citizens with information, assistance or referral to local, state and federal services and benefits that are available to older adults aged 60+, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers. NIA also provides support for the well-being and social interaction of the elderly at various events as well as through intergenerational activities with school children from our after-school programs. NIA aims to enhance the lives of seniors by providing a stimulating social community that helps them reduce depression and anxiety, improves their sense of well-being and mental alertness, and helps them stay connected with others while improving their quality of life.


Our goal is to help seniors live in their home with dignity, as long as safely manageable, and to enjoy the best quality of life possible. The NIA provides local senior citizens with information and assistance with social service issues such as:

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • HEAP
  • MTA Reduced Fare Metro Cards
  • Access-A-Ride
  • Flu Vaccination Program
  • Health Care Proxy Document

The NIA also distributes to seniors pamphlets on issues of importance to them such as:

    • Disaster Preparedness for Seniors and People With Disabilities
    • Taking Care of Business: Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
    • Keeping Yourself Safe

    NIA also sponsors, with local elected officials Assemblyman Peter Abbate and Councilman Vincent Gentile, senior citizen picnics and a senior prom dinner and dance that serve more than 1,200 seniors each year.


Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that can happen in a dating, marital, or live-in intimate partner relationship. In an abusive relationship, one partner tries to maintain control over the other by using physical, psychological, verbal, and sexual violence. Although factors such as drug and alcohol use, stress, or a family history of abuse may contribute to the problem, domestic violence is primarily an issue of power and control.


Domestic violence occurs in every culture, country, and age group. It affects people from all socioeconomic, educational, and religious backgrounds and happens in both same-sex and heterosexual relationships. Children are also affected by domestic violence, even if they are not abused or do not witness it directly.


The NIA Domestic Violence Awareness Program reaches out to adults, senior citizens, young adults and youth at community meetings, schools, senior centers and other events throughout the area. For more information, go to the NIA Domestic Violence Awareness page.


Parent Education Services


NIA Parent Education Services support and educate parents so that they will be able to recognize and respond to their children's physical and emotional needs in an appropriate and competent manner. Parents learn practical skills that help improve their ability to effectively parent and become aware that they are their child's first and best teachers

Community Events

NIA community programming brings the diverse members and sectors of our communities together for informative presentations; forums to express and exchange their concerns and ideas; special events to view the wonderful artistic performances and galleries created by our youngsters; and to recognize and applaud the outstanding efforts of many of our community members.


Michael A. Bové, President

"A primary focus of the work we do centers around children and youth with emphasis placed on providing after-school programs that foster positive youth development, teach new skills, and encourage exploration and learning. NIA also strengthens families by encouraging parent involvement in developing initiatives that celebrate our multi-cultural community."