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NIA Support for Seniors

NIA provides a host of services for senior citizens throughout our communities. NIA general community assistance services, available for all, are customized for seniors (as well as those with disabilities, caregivers, etc.) to provide information, assistance, and referral for government benefits that may be available to older adults and special needs groups.

NIA supports the well-being of seniors through healthy living initiatives, by providing informational materials on relevant issues (such as safety, preparedness, nutrition, fitness, and abuse), by enhancing activities at senior centers, providing nutritious snacks/light lunch when possible, and through intergenerational activities with school-age children from its afterschool programs.

NIA sponsors “senior prom” events in the springtime and outdoor picnics in the fall each year for up to 3,000 seniors.
These venues are ideal for providing social interaction, enhancing their overall well-being, and expanding their peer network.

For more information, call us at 718.236.5266 or email us at: